In the group G of UEFA Champions League Benfica beat Spartak Moskva.2:0 was the score. At the second half on of the player of Benfica was replaced by Oscar Cardozo. He scored both the goal for the Benfica. This the first win for the Benfica in the last four attempts.
Oscar Cardozo was the hero of that match. He got opportunity at the second half and he made the most of it by scoring two consecutive goals for the Benfica. Within the first ten minutes of the second half he broke the barrier .He played the match with his 100% effort.
For the entire game both teams had played well. But Benfica’s team spirit was something special that day. Both the teams failed to score at the first half of the match. In the first half Spartak Moskva missed some genuine goal scoring opportunities. K.Kombarov from Spartak Moskva was penalized red card during the game. So playing with a man short in a team was really disadvantageous for the team.
The Coach of Benfica, Jorge Jesus said in the press conference at the end of the match that they tried to utilize the ball better after giving a lead of 2-0. As soon as one of the opponent players got red card. It should have become very easy for them and they should have scored many goals.
The loosing coach Unai Emery was very disappointed. He said that the Benfica players were superior in every department. The Spartak Moskva players failed to take their chances. The opponent team created more opportunities and utilized most of them, which resulted in a well deserved victory.
Both the team tried to play their best. The main difference between these two teams is their game plan. The Benfica played more rapidly than the Spartak Moksva. After the entrance of Oscar Cardozo the whole scenario changed completely. After that it was too difficult for the Spartak Moskva to fight back.
Before this match the performance of the Benfica was not at all good in this European League. They lost four matches in a trot. Benfica was almost out of this League but still this victory will help the team for future improvement and for upcoming leagues.
The next match for Bencia will be against Celtic on 20thNovember.On the same day the Spartak Moskva will be having a match against the Barcelona team.

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